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Practice Practice Practice

I’ve been learning a little about shooting cars this summer. Mostly through practice, practice, and practice. Cars are extensions of people. Color, style, size, shape, and the numerous ways to modify and accent them. Capturing those expressions of art is a lot of fun.

Car people are good people from my encounters and my natural love of cars from a very young age has made it a lifelong obsession. I’ve lost track of the times I’ve blurted out “Look at that” startling my wife while I’m pointing at a car going the opposite way or coming from behind in my side mirrors.

Shooting them is a lot of location, angles, and details. Good weather and clear skies also help. So timing is important.

Colar and Chrome. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve hit some local car shows this year but the Ocean City Maryland event this week was off the charts for me. I’m going to return next year and see what action I can capture while they are rolling. Time was very limited and we were leaving on the first day of 4, so I didn’t get in the inlet show or convention center or the many lots that just turn into shows in themselves.

Yes, you can get some good shots at shows but it’s a lot more limited. Cars side by side limit your options. But sometimes you can squeeze a frame down the side that accents things well. Or find a pair together at the end of an aisle.

TWO X TWO TONE. – Or maybe Get A Lick of These Two. Photo by Mike Hartley

But I also learned through being at the beach this week with the Cruisin event that a lot of it is action shots of cars in motion that I haven’t done much of and hope to spend next May and October practicing that at those events.

I wasn’t in a good spot for background in what I shot of the boardwalk parade of cars on Thursday morning. I’ll have to spend a few minutes cropping. Live and learn.

3 and 4 deep along the boardwalk for the Thursday Parade. Photo by Mike Hartley

So next year I’ll go into this with a lot more plans. I know the town well so getting to the right backdrops for the boardwalk parade. Recognizable landmarks or backdrops. Like low-angle shots of cars coming down Baltimore Avenue with the roller coaster in the background. Or Fishers Popcorn on the boardwalk when some of the old trucks roll by.

I’ll focus on detail shots at the various lots and convention center. But I’m really looking forward to capturing some rolling thunder on Coastal Highway in both stills and video. Hopefully, I can follow up on the grandiose plans I’m coming up with.

I promise not to bore you with all the car shooting I’ve done. I’ll put a link when I get this week’s shooting edited and uploaded. Well, I probably won’t be able to not sneak in 1 or 2 here or there on the blog.

Have a great day. I hope to have the time to do another post later today.

Oh yeah, the above car shots were outside Dumsers Diner and Ice Cream restaurant. I usually stop there for a cherry ice cream soda (the old fountain style) before leaving town.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • A reminder of what season it is will return today.
  • I’m looking forward to spending some time with a very important person today.
  • It won’t last, but I’m feeling good so far today.
  • Rest is important. If you have the time for it. If not try to make some.



We are back from 2 nights in Ocean City Maryland. Beautiful weather and the ocean water was still warm enough to get in. A little metal refresh for my better half and myself. We took a short trip to Assitique Island for the first time to sample the beach there. And went up to walk the town of Bethany Beach Delaware one afternoon. There was good food and comfortable lodging with an oceanfront view and balcony.

Young lady watching the sunrise this morning from the shore. Photo by Mike Hartley

I wish I could have stayed another day because it was Endless Summer Cruisin Week. The smell of race fuel, the roar of a strong V8, beautiful paint jobs, and all the favorite classic and contemporary cars, trucks and what have you fixed up on 4 wheels are there. And boy what a show it is.

I’ve got a ton of car photos I’ll slide in every now and then but I must go down for the weekend next time. There were already a ton of cars there on Wednesday and Thursday. The morning parade of cars going down the 27-block boardwalk, the cruising up and down Ocean Highway or Philadephia Avenue is a wonderful sight.

Heading out for the morning catch. Photo by Mike Hartley

We still did a lot despite me not feeling my best. Getting used to powering through discomfort. I hope the rest of the weekend is better. And to facilitate that I believe a good night’s rest is in order after that late night last night.

I could barely hear after standing next to this one. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’m just back from one trip and would like to leave for another one.
  • Thank goodness though that I will see my children this weekend. I was missing them. Being at the beach without them and the grandchildren was strange.
  • Next time I’m at the beach I think I’ll bring a small batch of sand home, put it in a box, and sit it under my desk so I can put my feet in it while I work.
  • RIP – The Enforcer, the Animal, The Maestro of Mayhem, the Robot of Destruction – Mr Dick Butkus.