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Saltwater 75

We were branching out this year and I’ve been watching the construction on Saltwater 75 since they took down the old BJ’s on the Water Restaurant in Ocean City. So I had to try them when they opened this year. And it was a great family experience.

Beautiful photos inside and out like this one on the exterior of the building facing the parking. Photo by Mike Hartley

Don’t let the pictures fool you, it did get crowded, we were there a bit after 4 pm because we had 2 young ones. I wish I had more time than to snap a few on my way in, but with large families, you move with them.

I love bayside restaurants with a view. Photo by Mike Hartley

This is one we will probably be putting on our regular stop list. The food and service was great. The decor and views were also great. The selection and prices should make many happy.

A fair amount of outside dining space also. Photo by Mike Hartley

I started off with one of the best Cesear Salads I’ve had anywhere. The main course was the McFaul Scallops – blackened dayboat scallops over succotash bacon hash and potato puree. Topped with jumbo lump crab and finished with tomato scampi butter. And yes it was great.

The Crew seemed well-trained and good at their task. Therefore a big tip was left. Photo by Mike Hartley

The cocktail and draft list satisfied my son and his better half.

Other hits were the Crabcake, the Salmon Teriyaki, and the 75 Caprese. The old man’s memory makes me forget the rest but everyone left happy.

I’ll have to venture to the upstairs seating on my next visit. Photo by Mike Hartley

My thoughts when I share food reviews. I will not post a review or one based on someone else if it’s a poor experience. I might share positive observations from friends, family that also match mine. Obviously, I also might not share a place in a list of ones I like because I haven’t been there. The number of people out there complaining about bad experiences already takes care of any need in that area so I don’t need to add to it. And sometimes people just don’t have a good day. That can happen in any industry.

And don’t forget the percentage of people who are never satisfied and are just, well you know.

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I believe a gentleman named Randy Hofman does biblical sand sculptures at Ocean City. There was a pretty strong storm on the beach last Friday and about the only thing that lasted was this part of the sculpture which I shot Saturday afternoon when the sun was trying to return.

Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m ready to return to the beach and I’ve only been home 2 days. The draw of Ocean City, Bethany Beach, and Fenwick all call me daily. I love the warmth of summer but the offseason months of April and May along with September and October and becoming more special and a lot of fun. The huge crowds aren’t there to compete with. It’s more affordable and you can get places faster in your car than on foot which is the opposite in the summer.

Unless they get some beach replenishment going tents like this might not be welcome. Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m hoping for a record number of days at the beach this year. No, I don’t have a place there so most will be back and forth day trips. No problem driving distances for me. 6 hours in the bucket seat of the Miata is no problem. Here’s to good health and sunny skies for the coming months.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Another project started. Isn’t it great?
  • I love it when my grandchildren visit. It’s a day I don’t get condemned for acting like a child.
  • Indifference is not a way to live. It’s good to move on.
  • Picture this. Wait till the 80s hair band generation reaches their destinations at the old age facilities. I can see the Congo line of them dancing down the hall with their walkers singing – Pour some Sugar On Me, Oh In the Name of Love, Pour some Sugar on Me, Come on fire me UP.