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Sizzling Saturday

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I’m beginning to think our children will be missing something special when they don’t have something physical like a slide or a print to hold as their parents did and admire. And what a tragedy it would be if those electronic images are lost forever with no hard copy to preserve it in some way. And I got to thinking the same thing about the hard copies which could be destroyed in a fire or flood. So the best of two worlds is to have both a digital and physical print. And in the digital world 2 copies are always a good idea. Something I’m assuming professional photographers already thought of this, but I’ve got to get moving on doing backups.

Pimlico racetrack - Believe that is Mom in foreground so assuming my Dad is behind the camera. I know he was a big track fan.

Pimlico racetrack – Believe that is Mom in foreground so assuming my Dad is behind the camera. I know he was a big track fan. Photo property of ThrewMikesEyez

Just another gem of a photo I’m finding in my parents stash of photos. Based on some other slides around this she dated were 1950 and above. I’m thinking springtime by the jackets still on. Maybe one of the Baltimore natives will remember when programs were 15 cents.

The slide above was just scanned in as it was. Might try some color correction on it if I ever get a photo editing app like Photoshop or Lightroom. Can’t believe I don’t use those tools yet but having fun with photography none the less. I think I stay away from them on purpose now because I’m afraid of spending time refining images instead of capturing more. And I have limited time to shoot so that is where I can do things and keep going. Now when retirement from the job that pays the bills comes along, I’ll have much more time to tinker with those toys. Hell, I know I can’t last that long without them. I know I need them. But I’m afraid of being sucked in by those toys.

Random thoughts for this Saturday June 13th.

  • I’m finding if I slow down and take the time to appreciate the small things that they become special and big things.
  • The line between staying challenged by working hard to keep mentally and physically fit and over working, not sleeping and hurting both mental and physical well-being, is a FINE ONE.
  • If you want most of the world to know about your deep secrets, just apply for a Government job. Facebook has everything else already covered.
  • Actions, that’s what separates those with credibility.

Heat, I love it. Well most of the time. Did get a bit over baked cutting the yard yesterday. Had a wonderful dinner with my daughter and wife last night.

The O’s and Yankees mixing it up again at Camden Yards. Summer is great.

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