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Friday yard work, but thoughts of fishing

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Cloudy Morning Photo by Mike Hartley

Cloudy Morning
Photo by Mike Hartley

Haven’t been to Florida in a while and I miss visiting that state. Beautiful inter-coastal waterways and the Atlantic and Gulf Coast. What is not to love. Oh yeah, gators and python’s. There is one more thing but I can’t recall it at this moment.

But the fishing is great. And I have one of my best friends there. And I love warm weather. And if I’m there I’m on vacation enjoying life.

So the seed is planted and the planning begins for the Spring TUNA run. That was some fishing. Pulling those beast aboard is a fight you won’t forget. I know all I could do is stagger back about 10 steps and fall back in the cabin on the floor to try to regain my breath and feeling in my arms. Yeah, I’m not in the best shape but not a wimp either.

Atlantic Ocean Photo by Mike Hartley

Atlantic Ocean
Photo by Mike Hartley

I think I’ll take a few extra days the next time I go down and do some photography around the state. But until then you will have to settle for a few older shots from a previous visit.

And the reason for that is I was playing laborer today in my yard. So shooting time will be later tonight but I’m trying to do a few post a day and get more of my images up.

Sometimes I’m glad I go back through shootings and find some things I hadn’t thought of the first edit. I do that quite often actually. Which indicates I need to get out and shoot more fresh stuff so I don’t have to go to the back of the rack.

Heading out at daybreak, they are late. Photo by Mike Hartley

Heading out at daybreak, they are late.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So to all the fisherman thinking about heading out to the Atlantic on Saturday morning as the sun breaks, may you have a safe day of boating and leave the big ones for me if you don’t mind.

Oh yeah, I remembered the other problem with the great state of Florida. And it was a shot of a restaurant sign posted below that reminded me of it. And I won’t jinx the run of good fortune that is upon us by mentioning the name here.

A local place near Port St Lucie. Photo by Mike Hartley

A local place near Port St Lucie.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So let me find something more local to post here again before I lose that local flavor completely to my blog.

Lets see, what can we get into here. Oh yeah, what is this just outside my front door? Another one of the wonderful flower my green thumb other half plants. And if the deer don’t get them they are a delight to see bloom in bunches.

I’m going to have to go back and make sure I’m not posting too many flower pictures. Then again it is summer and snow is a bit rare this time of year.

So here is the obligatory flower shot of the post.

From our garden. Photo by Mike Hartley

From our garden.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Baltimore – A nice place to visit. Not sure I would live there. Actually that is a cruel statement. I’m sure it has many wonderful homes and neighborhood filled with some hard-working and upstanding people. It is also filled with violence. I wish I had a solution to the situation. Its going to take a lot of people a long time for it to change but it can be done.

Baltimore Visitors Center Photo by Mike Hartley

Baltimore Visitors Center
Photo by Mike Hartley

I have regained my strength after surgery. It feels good to work out in the yard again. To not have to ask for help. Well for the most part. I’m on a mission to clear out some old trees before it cools down. I’ve always taken great pride in my yard. Now its nice to have looking good and its a good workout, but imagine the time we spend on maintaining them when we could be out doing other things. The change of seasons are becoming very special. I used to look up at the leaves coming down and think about the raking. Now I appreciate the beauty of them falling like music.

Wednesday evening recap:

It had been almost a year since the last concert I went to with my best friends. And it was some classic musicians on the card at Pier 6. We went to dinner before the show at James Joyce, so I’m not sure who the first act was but Greg Allman was the second performer and he and his band can still belt out some good music. The headline act was the Doobie Brothers and of course they played a lot of favorites that connected with the singing crowd . Boy what a relaxing evening. Just what I needed, slept like a rock.

Yep its time to bring back: drum roll please:

Random Thoughts for Friday September 4th 2015

  • Its been a while since I shared a random thought here.
  • It’s not like I didn’t have any random thoughts.
  • Sometimes random thought is all I think I have.
  • I guess I was too lazy or busy to write them down.
  • And being I’m old and have caught CRAFT, the memory of them is gone.
  • So all you get today is a random rambling about random thoughts.



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