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Free time and it RAINS! But its football season

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Not sure if I want to get outside and shoot the elements this evening or work on setting up my studio in the basement? Maybe both if I’m not to tired from watching the game later with the boys. For its FOOTBALL season and that is a good as an excuse to get together and raise some hell as any.

For our group it’s more about the time together than the game most of the time. We love the game of football, but were not your fantasy guys or the overly loyal or over-zealous fans. We have our teams we follow and support. We stay up with what is going on with teams and players but it’s about the friendships and laughter and catching up.

It’s about the BBQ and beverages. It’s about the ability to stay up till the end of the game and not be photographed sleeping with a beer balancing on your stomach with your hand on the mug. It’s about keeping one of our members from getting in a 3 point stance. It’s about sharing a gripe about the job or traffic.

It’s about what is going on health wise. It’s about what our spouses are up to and how happy we are or aren’t from time to time. And when you have been married as long as this group has, you have some war stories. It’s about what your siblings are up to or aren’t doing.

It’s about catching up on what are kids are doing and the last time we saw them and what we did. It’s about sharing stories from the past. It’s about planning trips for the future. Its talking about the few days left in our scheduled that the wives haven’t booked already to get together. I call that part counter planning. But of course women are better at it than we are.

It’s about a team that gathers together to celebrate life but never talk about that fact itself because we are too busy doing it. It’s a strange collection of men who I call my Brothers. I owe them so much. I cherish their friendships. If there is anything positive in me they helped shape and form it. A toast to my Brothers, no matter what sports season it is, or how misguided their sports loyalty’s are.

Cool, animals. Photo by Mike Hartley

Cool, animals.
Photo by Mike Hartley

OK, I know I’m a month ahead of time with these but with the way time is passing the trick or treater’s will be upon us again.

These are some old shots. Very old shots, I think that they may have been shot with that old Kodak D50 digital camera.

I think these were out at Landing Road Cider Mill Farm. Well of course I had to go Google it before wasting a ride down there to see if it still there. But this web page says the farm is now a housing development. Kind of sad. It does give some history about it and some good cider tips.

Wow, another old-time pleasure of the county lost forever. That place used to attract a huge crowd in the fall on the weekends. And the kids loved it.

King of the hill. Photo by Mike Hartley

King of the hill.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I know which pumpkin has the best face. Photo by Mike Hartley

I know which pumpkin has the best face.
Photo by Mike Hartley

You looking at ME? Photo by Mike Hartley

You looking at ME?
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m starting to feel like this shed, a bit weathered.

Feeling a bit weathered Photo by Mike Hartley

Feeling a bit weathered
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts for Thursday September 10th 2015

  • I once got a fortune (yes from a cookie) that said “you have the ability to touch the lives of many people.” I really believe that is true, I just hope its in a positive way.
  • I wasn’t always at peace with myself. And I might not always be at peace with myself in the future. But I can say I’ve had some days finally that I feel that way.
  • When I look at my family, I feel like I was a lottery winner. One lucky SOB.
  • Professional cultures vary like the number of businesses in operation.
  • I finally realized I can do a lot. And all I need to do is keep that confidence to do more.

Time got away from me yesterday but won’t let that happen again anytime soon.


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