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What is the perfect day

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Was just thinking about what makes up the perfect day, if there is such a thing. That day on the beach, that Christmas morning as a child, the day I got married and I let my mind continue wandering that path for a bit. Then I realized that they are all perfect so far. For if I look at small victories or pleasures each day I’m alive it’s a great experience. Even my worst days for the most part I have a lot to be thankful for.

I slept in Friday. I rarely do such a thing. It felt great. I also went for a walk in Columbia with my better half. We don’t get a chance to do that often with our schedules, so that is wonderful. Time to talk, laugh and cry together. We hugged, we kissed. We came home and shared an evening together. We shared our home which we worked so hard for.

Lake Kittamaqundi Photo by Mike Hartley

Lake Kittamaqundi
Photo by Mike Hartley

I have enough to eat today. I have a roof over my head. I have my health (sort of) but for the most part I’m good now. The sun was out and in the low 80’s so weather was perfect. So it was another in a string of wonder perfect days I’ve had. I’m glad I have the ability to see that now.

Today we even might go to Soft Stuff for an evening ice cream. I know, it’s not the best thing for me and it doesn’t set the right example if you’re trying to be healthy. But as a good friend of mine who uses words sparingly says “F it”. But what better thing to do on a rainy Saturday.

Thinking about the perfect day is a mindset for me from now on. Yeah there are things that piss me off throughout the day. Poor drivers mostly but I’ve learned to appreciate so much lately that I feel kind of guilty about any complaining I’ve done about life before this. For it showed the ignorance I had for the simple things or just the fact that I’m lucky enough to draw breath for another day. But now were on the right track.

For simple things like hearing my children’s voices on the phone. Sunshine hitting my back. The ability to go for a walk. Seeing friends and family are much more special.

So back to our walk in Columbia. Even though I’ve lived here before Columbia was a concept in James Rouse’s head, I hadn’t taken a walk around Lake Kittamaqundi on that new path they put around it. A very nice job was done on that project. Lots of benches to grab a break on or just relax and let the quiet surround you. A nicely paved and wide path all around it with a few nice bridges. And it’s pretty much level walk.

We did see some older folks. Some walking and some on bikes. There were also some young people. Of course the two kids with the Jehovah Witness church interrupted the zen feeling of the walk and sights and talk we had, I kept it very short and didn’t get rude but it was an unwanted interruption none the less.

It was funny as we strolled around the lake remembering the early days of the lake with skating or hockey games going on in the winter, fireworks from the roof of your car sitting on the medium of Route 29 and then walking over to the lakefront and back again. Parties, festivals and concerts. Taking a boat out to the small island near the north end and for nefarious activities. Oh the days of youth.

So below is a gallery of the walk and things I was able to capture and share today. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of that blue sky today but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

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