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Health, turkey and thoughts

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I have no idea where the week went. Last Friday a week ago started a stretch of not feeling well that lasted a while. I even took a sick day from the job that pays the bills on Wednesday. And that is a fairly rare event. I felt it change my mood, I felt it change my attitude. It affected my energy and took away my ability to write and photograph. Or at least I let it do those things to me.

Yeah I didn’t feel well and I still had work and doctors appointments each day but mentally I let it get to me. I let pain and lack of strength dictate my will. Upon reflection I really don’t like that. I missed out on one family outing last Saturday, I didn’t write or photograph worth a lick all week and by 9pm Thanksgiving evening I was toast and missed an opportunity to watch a ballgame with my Son for our favorite team.

I’ve got to work on overcoming this kind of crap. I feel myself snapping back into the right mindset despite pain. I think I have to do it like work. Break things down into smaller segments, appreciate victories and when not successful its a small part of the day, not the whole day.

So Thursday I got out the camera because my wife went to the trouble to fix a beautiful dinner and turkey, the least I could do was take a picture of it before we devoured it. And it was a wonderful day with my children which I think has re-energized me.

Leg, check, wing, check, breast, check. EAT Photo by Mike Hartley

Leg, check, wing, check, breast, check. EAT
Photo by Mike Hartley

And while yesterday (Friday) I didn’t shoot or write, I did get out and try something physical and while it was a strain, I got a lot accomplished at the home and yard. That back brace helped but pain relief was needed. And again I missed an event last night with friends. So I learned I have to slow down a bit in what I do, but it felt good mentally to DO IT (physical work) even though it wasn’t the smartest.

I’m not going to let that frustrate me like I once would have. I’ll just accept that for now I have to tone it way down for a bit. But as for the blog I hope I can get back to the daily work that feels so good when I can make that happen.


Color from 4 weeks ago. Photo by Mike Hartley

Color from 4 weeks ago.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Boy it has been a colorful fall. You could just stick your camera out the sunroof like this and capture nature. But now that the trees are pretty much bare for the winter I must try to capture the colorless season. Well it does have many wonderful parts but I don’t like cold and therefore I don’t like going out. I’m going to have to overcome this problem and get busy.

I do love how snow changes the look of everything. It is easier to see and capture wildlife. And by capture, I mean a photograph. Everyone takes everything so literally now days. And of course the smiles of all the people with the holiday seasons upon us.

Then there is the Christmas and New Years celebrations. (sorry about excluding others, not intentional) and of course all the upcoming football parties. So there should still be a ton of things to shoot. I just have open my eyes and mind to the possibilities. Because as I reflect my intention was to get some fall color this year and I think I was fairly successful with that so why not think I’ll get something special for winter. Here’s hoping.


Random Thoughts for Saturday November 28th 2015

  • Support Small Business Saturday today.
  • I’m fine with being an Amateur Photographer, at least I’m a photographer.
  • I could never make up for how much I haven’t appreciated all my wife has done for me. But I’m going to give it a shot.
  • My children give me strength and inspiration. They keep working away at things like their parents.
  • The phrase that comes to mind for me when thinking about time is.  “In a blink of an eye”
  • Newspaper lifers are a thing of the past almost. I’m trying to hold on to be the last one to give the key back.
  • Well, to a wonderful Saturday for all. Lets hope we can get through this day with less gunfire.

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