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New Years Eve

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Spent the afternoon visiting my Mother in-law. She is at Encore rehab, assisted and nursing living. And is there for the rehab part and looks like she is doing fine. It was refreshing to hear her say “I’m not going to let this thing beat me.”  And said with determination and conviction. You need that kind of determination to heal both physically and mentally. And I’m proud of her attitude.

Dome at Encore Rehab facility at Turf Valley.  Photo by Mike Hartley

Dome at Encore Rehab facility at Turf Valley.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Don’t have time to pull an end of year review of my blog. Not really interested in going back but more interested in getting out and snapping a few hundred frames to start the New Year early on Friday morning. Yeah its fun to look back, because as they say “if you forget the past, your doomed to repeat it.” And that is the last thing I want to happen when the object of this blog is to keep it fresh and growing.

But I will look back at this year as the time my wife and I got much closer. I think crisis will to that or it can also tear apart couples. I’m personally glad it was the first. I’ll remember it as a year of personal and physical challenges. I’ll remember it as a year of professional challenges. And in another 3 hours I can say I made it through them all this year.

I also remember it as the year my Son got engaged. I remember it as a year where I really got busy with this blog. Even though I had started it in 2014, this year was the year it came alive. Yeah it wasn’t the consistent effort I had hoped for but with all the things going on I’m pleased with my effort and start. Mainly because I think this helps my health. I think sharing and applying myself to a task gives me purpose besides the job that pays the bills. This lets me be in charge. This lets me share my views or images. This lets me relax. Its kind of like my personal therapy session.

So tomorrow begins a new year with a new effort and new ideas. Can you smell what TME is cooking?


Random Thoughts for Thursday December 31st 2015

  • Wishing everyone a healthy New Year.
  • I don’t know at what age I stopped going out to tear up the old year and ring in the new one but it happened. I’m fine with being home and relaxing. There is plenty of good sports to keep me entertained. And its much easier to see, hear and hold my wife the way I would like at home instead of some loud and crowded party.
  • The only way to repay someone who has shown great love and devotion is to repay it in kind.
  • We did as any good Marylander has done this evening. We are eating crab cakes.

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