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A welcome Friday and 2016

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Boy the holidays come and go quickly. A strange one this year but glad to be here as always. This was the first year we didn’t celebrate Christmas at our home. I missed going to the larger family celebration because of my health.  I was glad to share a kiss and tear at the dawn of the new year with my better half. I heard my children’s voices, better yet, saw them on New Years day  I didn’t see my friends but I’m going to cure that miss today.


Friday January 1st marks a special beginning and end for me. I am going to take off a cancer wristband I’ve been wearing from October to now. It is from the University of Maryland Medical Center Radiation Oncology department. I’m going to hang it with a diploma they also gave me for completing treatments 2 weeks ago. While I have spent my life learning, I have very few pieces of paper to show for it. Let me tell you though last year has been a lesson and a half. And that is why I hung that up on my office wall with the hospital wristbands of previous surgeries. One 7 years ago for my kidney cancer and one in 2015 from my current cancer.  They are kind of like my badges of battles fought. Also thanks to my family who wore these bands also. I could feel your support.

Wristband I wore during treatments the last few months. Photo by Mike Hartley

Wristband I wore during treatments the last few months.
Photo by Mike Hartley

They (doctors) told me I would feel worse for a few weeks after treatment and of course they were right again. But I feel like I started to turn a positive corner yesterday. I feel like this will be the year that things go right again. That appointments will yield good news instead of bad. That good time will be well spent with family and friends instead of canceled vacations or events. That I can dance at my Son’s wedding. That I finish my first book. That this blog becomes something worth viewing and reading. That I finally win the fishing contest with my best friends. That I get a new lens for my camera and make wonderful use of it. And a host of other wonderful wishes.

So here is to a year with minimal doctors visits and lots of fun. For all those who have this nasty fight.

Random Thoughts for Friday January 1st 2016

  • At what point will those who have greed in their hearts and no respect for life win out over those of us that do value life and not money?
  • Is that cold weather I feel today? I’m not ready mentally. I know my body isn’t ready. Solution = Hibernation.
  • OK, I think I’ve seen enough college football. Uncle
  • Day one of treadmill complete.
  • I was going to say something witty about having two days left to prepare for the work week again. Instead I’m thinking I’m fortunate to have a job to return to.
  • Well off to some early morning (pre-sunrise) photography. Have a great day all.

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