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Saw a note from a friend about an old neighbor I grew up with, passing on Dec 31st. He graduated Atholton high school the year before I did. He was a Marine (didn’t know that part about him) and former Howard County police officer. His service is this week and I think I’ll go and pay my respects and if I can’t make the time for that I think I’ll pull by his home in Hammond Village and pause for a few moments. For Mike taught me something recently.

Condition of relationships. Photo by Mike Hartley

Condition of relationships.
Photo by Mike Hartley

One is, it’s never to late to reach out and reconnect with good people. Take the time to do it,  for I always haven’t taken each person up on it and I’ve regretted it from time to time. Yeah were all busy and yes we all have packed relationships and don’t think we make enough time for people we already hold close. The thought about taking on more is staggering. But do it. You don’t have to make huge commitments with today’s technology. Just a letter or note once every so often. You will both benefit from it. Because life is about shared experiences and creating new ones so why not include all the people you can that make you happy.

I saw a few comments about how young he was (59) And being I’m 58 I’d have to agree with that but a wise older co-worker once taught me a valuable lesson many years ago. He was about 60 at the time and he was always going to either a wedding or funeral. And he would note that the funerals were getting more frequent and not just older people but people his age. I saw him re prioritize his life and retire shortly there after. And he hasn’t regretted a day of it from what he tells me as people passing around him has increased.

No I can’t retire anytime soon. But I am about connecting more with people who have been in my life at various stages. I have been blessed with having lifelong friends. Most 3-4 decades old and very close. But I’ve also lost touch with some good friends from both childhood and work. And I think I’m going to drop a few notes or maybe even make a few calls to say hello. I’m sure some might be short or some might not meet with a reply, but others will be very fruitful. Because of having experienced it before you know you can just pick up with some people from almost the moment you left off be it a year or a decade. And the things that made that relationship special at that previous time tend to come rushing back. And then you can move on and create new laughs.

I try to be a good friend. I try to be a good co-worker. I try to be a good Dad. I’m sure I’ve failed at each at times so if you see a negative review about my life, it probably could be deserved. But I won’t let it be from a lack of effort. Because you never know when that last conversation or laugh or fond memory that might even trigger a tear might happen and then never happen again.

The nice thing about being older is that sometimes recollections of others are special gifts. Especially if they knew your family and go way back in some way in your life. It can lead to many thoughts and memories, maybe put aside or seen or heard from another perspective that now bring something more to an already special person or moment in your life. Of course, life is risky and at times it can go other ways. Because we all know life has two sides.

So today I’m going to reach out to a few old friends. One in person and one by email. And I’m sure both of these will be met with a very positive response. See when starting something always set a few victories early to stay inspired.

And like the sign above says. We all become Used, Old And RARE. As in Treasures, if you work at it.

PS: The sign above is from Ellicott City. The book store at the top of the street I believe. Thank you for sharing your sign.

Random Thoughts from Monday 1/4/2016 and early Tuesday morning.

  • I thought I could get this post together yesterday but that was yesterday.
  • OK who turned off the HEAT???
  • I wasn’t born a polar bear, therefore I do not go outside in this.
  • Lets see, the price of oil could sore with the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Or the price could plummet with sanctions soon to be lifted on Iran and a glut of oil could be dumped on the market. Do we get a vote in this matter?
  • I’m beginning to see the problem with the middle east. I think they like the killing more than the living. Then again I live near Baltimore Maryland where the same problem seems to be taking shape. The only difference is that one is in the name of someones god and the other is drugs. But the end result is the same. Death.
  • So what to do about the worlds ill’s today. I have a full glass of loose change. Time for a few charitable donations. You’d be surprised what a big glass full of loose change amounts to.
  • Well I’ll also play the flight of fantasy called the Powerball lotto being it’s so high. And if I hit then you can see some true donations. And no I don’t spend more than $2 on it and I only play a half-dozen times a year at the most.
  • Oops, too many words and not enough pictures in this Post. Balance you idiot.


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