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Thinking of some old friends who lost their Mother the other day. Brought back some memories of my own loss. I’ll have to go pay my respects this week. Interesting we have lost two people on the street I grew up on in the same week. Not that big of street either.

Grief is just like fingerprints, everyone grieving process is different. I find it healthy to remember the positives. But boy do I miss those that have passed from time to time. I wonder if that is a flaw in my own abilities to deal with it. Some move on quickly and put things in the past and keep living to the fullest. I don’t think that is disrespectful. Just the way some people choose to deal with it.

Burning into the evening Photo by Mike Hartley

Burning into the evening
Photo by Mike Hartley

Personally I don’t think its unhealthy to remember from time to time as long as you don’t stay in that place. I think its good to honor those that have been in your life. For those interactions make up who we are.

Random Thoughts from Friday January 8th 2016

  • Getting gifts is a tough job, even if you have the money.
  • Pain hurts.
  • Playoff time.
  • Coke taste great, no wonder I can’t stop drinking them.
  • It is great reconnecting with people. If you choose your friends wisely.
  • Life is a series of curve balls with the occasional fastball aimed at your head.
  • Getting tired of rain, fog, mist. But if the alternative is cold and snow, I guess I’ll keep my mouth shut.


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