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A chilly start to the week

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Well I thought this picture from my Fathers slides might be appropriate for today. Just found this row of photos and couldn’t resist getting one digitized. Yeah I scanned the inverse direction. Yeah there are a few specs of dust I missed. But I’m excited to have found these and can’t wait to see more of them and find out when and where they were taken. I’m thinking the early 50’s for this one. All I do know is it symbolizes that feel I have when I step outside in the Baltimore/Washington area tonight.

And you think its cold where you are. Photo by James Hartley

And you think its cold where you are.
Photo by James Hartley

Like I said its a project of mine this year to finally sort through some of my parents history and get it ready to be passed down to my children. My Dad made 7 trips to the Poles  I believe my Mom said. Looks like he kept some detailed records of at least a few trips and like I said there is a fair amount of slides to wade through. But its a project I’m looking forward to and with this cold outside, what better time to get started on it.

My intentions were good at the start of the day but the body decided not to cooperate at all this afternoon so I’ve been laying low and thinking about how to use each moment. Thinking is key to not letting pain, depression, worry get in the way of having a great life. Thinking constantly about options. No matter what limitations are in front of anyone, thinking about how to overcome, go around, jump over, tunnel under or flat-out run through is done by first having the thought to do it.

Yeah I pause sometimes with pain. Any human has. A lot of people much more than I have. But as long as our minds are trained not to let it be debilitating, then your on the right track.

Random Thoughts for Monday January 18th 2016

  • I know drinking Cokes is bad for me. But they are so good.
  • Working holidays sucks.
  • There is only right now in front of you. Make the best of it.
  • I’m so tired of being tired.
  • Thanks for the music Glenn.
  • Didn’t sleep enough today. How do I know? Because I’m sleep typing.

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