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Beware Of The Snow


Beware Of The SNOW, the panic, preparation and pain are in the air in our typical northeast fashion here in the Baltimore DC region. Weekend snows are kind of special unless you have plans. And this weekend we have plans to celebrate a few birthdays but I’m thinking this might impact that idea.

Beware Of The Snow Photo by Mike Hartley

Beware Of The Snow
Photo by Mike Hartley

So we have 3 more days of hype for “The Storm”. I’m figuring I’ll be tired of hearing about it by Thursday evening after 2 days of endless talk about how many inches every neighborhood will get. I’m actually looking forward to it. I need to practice my snow shooting and I’m off from the job that pays the bills so I have no excuse except to build my library of the white stuff. I think I’ll start by going to look up some tips and images to draw inspiration from. And then its time to hit the story and prepare.

So the only thing to do. Purchase as many cookies as you can find.

Colorful cookies at kiosk at the Mall.  Photo by Mike Hartley

Colorful cookies at kiosk at the Mall.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So keep your eye on the sky. A warm coat on your back and gloves on your hands. And grab that snow shovel. Because I’m going to wait for it to melt for a change of pace with warm thoughts of the beach.

Shells Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley



Random Thoughts for Tuesday January 19th 2016

  • I haven’t worked hard enough at what I would like my legacy to be. So I guess it will be what it is.
  • I read where the worlds oldest person has died at the age of 112. And that the secret to long life was not to smoke, drink or over do it. Ops.
  • If I was smart, where was I going with that thought?
  • Man, if you can’t sit back and smile about life, you have missed out and or can’t see a great future. And that is sad.

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  1. I miss The Weather Channel on Verizon FIOS!

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