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Monday quarterback

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Another NFL season in the books. Was good to see the old man go out on top. So few get to do that. I got lucky and picked the winner. Of course I didn’t make a bet which only makes sense because I don’t pick winners often. I was rather disappointed in of the commercials. Usually there might be one or two that are questionable but this year would certainly not be considered a bumper crop. But the Bumper (Car industry) saved this years class in opinion. They were my top 3 favorites. But nothing blew me away this year for that kind of money.

Ready to ride into March Madness. Photo by Mike Hartley

Ready to ride into March Madness.
Photo by Mike Hartley


  1. Acura NSX with Van Halen tune. I was just waiting for that car to take off. Needs to smoke the tires though.
  2. Kevin Hart Hyundai’s ad was the funniest of the evening.
  3. The Audi R8 was my next choice. Bowie/Starman and that face. You sold the feeling. (actually any of the top 3 could be interchanged)
  4. I thought the anti-violence spot was very good.
  5. WeatherTech – Here’s to made in America and Proud of it. Honorable mention for the Bud one in the same vane.
  6. The Doritos Baby and Dog spots were good. I liked the dog one better.
  7. PayPal spot wasn’t bad. Good message.
  8. and DeathWish coffee bring up the rear.

So another weekend of far less productivity than I had hoped for. Then again I didn’t have many hours that I was feeling that well either but I’m tired of that excuse. I’ve got to learn to work through those times better in the future. Because each minute is precious. For the more I express the more I have a chance of finally saying something worthwhile.

And who knows after a few more years of practice I might have enough images to finally put something together. I think I’ll start this morning with some snow pictures. That blizzard prevented me from getting out last time. Not Tuesday though.

Random Thoughts for Monday February 8th 2016

  • True love is defined by the person who replaces your soap bar the day before its so thin that it breaks in half.
  • Pain can really eat into the available hours in a day.
  • I really like Monday mornings. I’ll fill you in on the secret someday.
  • Youth and immaturity reared its head in a post game press conference yesterday.
  • One of the smartest co-workers I ever met left the company last week. I doubt they know the impact that might have. It may disrupt the natural balance we had. I still have trouble getting my hands around the number of changes young people make but that is how you make money now days. Your big increases are when you normally leave one position/company for another. The days of “lifers” is history. I am a dinosaur. But the bottom line is to be happy no matter where you’re at and if you’re not get the F out.

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