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A beautiful start to a Saturday

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I’ve been looking forward to this day for a bit. I hope to be exhausted and have a big smile on my face at the end of the day. Up before dawn and a to do list a mile and a half long. Thunderstorms in the forecast but a nice morning and late day they say.  So here is hoping to make the best of it.

Just a few color shots for my Mom’s enjoyment today. I wonder who has the cable monopoly up there? Each time I see flowers, I think of her. She loved the beauty and joy they gave. I think some of her biggest smiles were either her time in the garden at the house or if she was given flowers or if she could give them. She would look and name each one in a bouquet.

The extent of my plant knowledge says the name of this one is pretty flower. Photo by Mike Hartley

The extent of my plant knowledge says the name of this one is pretty flower.
Photo by Mike Hartley

In a few days it will be the 5th anniversary of that call that my last parent is slipping away. I was coming up Route 29. I had taken off a few minutes early and had decided to go home and freshen up and then come back down to spend some time with her. But that wasn’t to be. The assisted living home called and said she was on her way to Howard County General, that she was not responsive and that I should hurry. That was the beginning of the end.

Morning dew Photo by Mike Hartley

Morning dew
Photo by Mike Hartley

I can remember that same spot I heard those words. That started the most difficult 2 weeks I’ve encountered. It bothers me very much the way her life ended. She had a massive stroke but her body didn’t give up for 9 days after she went into hospice. That is one reason I’m a supporter of ones right to die.

But anyway I’m not going to leave you on a down thought. Because people’s spirits live on in many ways. Warm memories, markers, remembrances, photos or movies. Things they taught their children. Things they did for friends. Organizations they contributed to or worked for as a volunteer. All those things and many more add up to a life beyond ones mortal reach. And I feel blessed to have had someone so behind me as a parent, as much as anyone could be.

So off I go for a ride and few errands. Then if it rains I’ll finish a few post I’ve been working on and share them.   Till then, take care. And yes I hope to have something more than flowers to share but I can’t resist them from time to time.

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