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Smoking Saturday

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Got together with some friends and started the day off with laughter. What a great way to begin the day. A warm one out there and I got a bit too much sun with the top down. Combined with yesterdays ride I’m toast. But its good to be out and about. For I think back about a year ago and I wasn’t doing anything or going anywhere. I was just thankful to be out of the hospital.

This weekend at the Fairgrounds. Photo by Mike Hartley

This weekend at the Fairgrounds.
Photo by Mike Hartley

That is one of the things I try to think of when I start feeling down because of the small stuff. How good it felt to walk out of UMMC and get in that car and go down Russell street to go HOME.

I got so busy this afternoon I didn’t get out to see if they are serving jerk chicken at the Fairgrounds for the Jamaican Fest. And just a reminder about the upcoming county fair in August. I hope the family will want to go together again. So many fond memories of the fair. Both working at it for the Howard County Times papers with great friends and attending with family and friends.

Its nothing special, just a county fair like a gazillion others. They always have done a nice job on improving it every year. I’m really going to try to get up there and get some good shots this year. One eventual goal is to go every day and try to put together a project of it but that is grandiose thinking for sure.

Not so big. Photo by Mike Hartley

Not so big.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So its off to get some more images this evening. First a plan. Nah, not my normal operating mode. I’m more a go out and see what strikes me. But if I’m going to be effective, I have to start planning and putting more complete works up.

That goes for both my writing and photography. So I’m going to begin with making the post more organized by section so with all the different things I might ramble on about can at least catch some of the people who might not be interested in my whole rant but might like a food review or my random thoughts.

Also going to try to enhance the design a bit. Maybe start to incorporate some graphics to break up the grey and photos. Hell I’ve worked for hundreds of designers over the years so I should have picked up a few things. But I have a tendency to go overboard when simpler is better. That is why I picked this simple theme.

I know one goal of posting each day is becoming reality. Like that little train to my left. Just need to keep up the pace and prepare some things in advance to post when I’m busy. I’m discovering there is a lot of time needed in creating good content. Well at least it is for me. And obviously by the lack of that here, you can see time is sparse to say the least. But I’m working at it more and loving it more.

And thankfully the more time I get to work on it the more I think of to do. That is a blessing I guess because at times before starting this I thought I’d have enough to write about for maybe two days.

  • randomthoughtsIt’s Saturday July 16th 2016.
  • Is this the day the world takes a turn for the better?
  • I’m dog sitting this week. You know I don’t think that is a very good term for it because I seem to do a lot less sitting when I’m watching pets.
  • Animals can show unconditional love in their eyes much better than humans.
  • I don’t know why my friends call me the Meteor when I play golf. Must be the way I drive the ball through the sky.
  • I’m looking much younger in some photos than I once did.
  • Yes I’m going to read a manual. Really.

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