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Guess the neighborhood changed

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Used to be a fair amount of children in the neighborhood. Now, the few that are here are older and not trick or treating. Kind of miss those days. Hope everyone had a safe, whoops, can’t really say that with another tragedy at our doorsteps this afternoon. May the innocence of children this night keep us focused on life, joy and hope for a better future be theirs.

And after they area asleep, may you offer your thoughts to those who didn’t make it through this beautiful Tuesday.

Hope everyone had a great and scary evening.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts

We have to stop the teachings of hate.

MMMM Candy.

A few days later this week in the 70’s. All I can think about is cruising.

The people with more big numbers associated with wedding anniversaries is dwindling. But I’m doing my best to balance it out.

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