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What do you know, there is Light at the end of the Tunnel. I wish that was true all the time. With so many passing in the last few years, the appreciation for each day, each time I can say I love you to my family and friends grows. Well sometimes a chest bump and firm shake is as good as I love you as there ever was. But another passed Thursday from the company I spent my first few decades in newspaper publishing at. A very nice woman indeed. Always a smile, always appreciative of help, very talented.

Light at the end of the tunnel.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Some of the comments I’ve read about her and others who have passed from my work relationships, is how special those days and people we shared them with, were so special also. It’s interesting that job left so many people feeling, that it was a special time, a special place, filled with special people. I felt it immediately when I joined the Times papers and I knew it when I left it over 2 decades later. And my appreciation for it has continued to grow.

I wonder how many others will get the enjoyment of long-term jobs and relationships while at the same time helping a company grow and thrive in very direct ways. Today, I don’t feel that is important to either the individual or the companies any more, and that is kind of sad. So hats off to the days and people at Stromberg Publications and Patuxent Publishing Company. Continue to laugh hard and love life.

Random Thoughts 

Support Small Business Saturday please. And not just this day but throughout the year.

You know no matter how old I get I can find ways to screw up. Such is life.

So much to do today. So little time. And if I try to enjoy it I probably won’t make everyone happy. The challenges of a normal day.

Confidence is such an illusive thing.

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