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I saw my family today. We went to visit my mother and father-in-law. It was her birthday today so we held a big Happy Birthday sign and brought my son’s dog and my daughter’s baby to also raise her spirits. It was tough for everyone as it has been just visiting them through a closed window at their senior center for months now.

Family at JFK grave site with the eternal flame. Photo by Mike Hartley

The sadness of my better half not being able to hold them is heartbreaking to watch. My parents have been gone for a while now and I tried to put myself in her place and it is even hard to imagine. Not that my love for them isn’t there but the bond between a child and their parents is indescribable in most cases.

Tomorrow I will visit my parents in Arlington. My Dad’s birthday was yesterday and it’s Mothers Day so its a good time to pay my respects again. It will be a hard visit. I’m overdue and that always makes it difficult. At least I’ll have a lot to catch them up with. And being the cemetery is closed to the public it will be a nice private time.

I think that is why I love the picture I used today. A family at a cemetery. Both life and death. A bond that is alive but never broken in death. A bond of memories and love.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Thank you Fager’s Island for the live stream Sunset again. It keeps me believing I might see it again someday in person in the future.
  • The best day of my life is always the last day we are together as a family. And that is every day, be they near or far.
  • To all those including my best friends, I mourn the absence of all our Moms but I remember each fondly.

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