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Editing thought

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Editing my photos has taught me another important lesson and that is to sometimes give something a second look. And maybe even a third look. And that isn’t a bad rule to apply to a lot of things like people. First impressions always aren’t a true reading of a person. People make mistakes and sometimes a second chance is warranted.

Just because a chef doesn’t get the taste he wants he doesn’t stop changing it trying to get what his pallet tells him will be the best. But I bet there are times where he comes back to something they might have done earlier and said that was the one. And sometimes when I’m editing photos I’ve found to take a break from a project and revisit it later. Sometimes a week or two. Sometimes a month or two. And I’ll find myself feeling completely different about some images.

#1 – Photo by Mike Hartley

I was working on a photo project of Arlington National Cemetery and I was looking for a few more Memorial Day images with flags in and came across these 3. I quickly selected #1 above because it was the sharpest and best lit to use in a collage I’m making. Usually, there are just the buses and trams and individual visitors, so a group of empty bikes was a nice scene.

#2 Photo by Mike Hartley

But then I looked at the folder with these and saw photo #2 and liked the cannon muzzle on the right almost aimed at the bikes and lower angle looking over a larger section of gravesites.

#3 Photo by Mike Hartley

I saw this last image #3 and realized that very few cannons had those handles on them and I could also do some editing to bring up the bikes more. (#2 & 3 haven’t been touched). And at first, I really didn’t really care for any of them but now they have grown on me. So I figure I’d at least share them here even if I don’t make larger prints.

And larger prints have been what I’ve made progress on during these early morning hours. I guess I felt inclined to make up for some of that leisure time I took on the Holiday Monday. Let’s see if I can keep the momentum going the rest of the day and evening.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Give the gift of knowledge and experience.
  • Time to tinker with a new crabcake recipe .
  • It’s a 2Tuesday.
  • I’m going to ease into it being that I just started posting daily two months ago but I think I’d like to try 2 posts a day in the near future.
  • The limited amount of wall space I have in my home may be just the inspiration I need to try to find some more display space.

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