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Sure enough, we lost power yesterday. But I didn’t say that to complain. I’m bringing it up because BG&E’s response was extremely quick and had the problem resolved in a very short timeframe in a driving rain. My thanks to the Linemen/women and technicians working to keep us all lit.

Thanks to these guys my weekend was restored along with my power. Disclaimer – The mess you see on the hill on the right is my neighbor’s. It used to be a beautiful terraced garden with flowers and asazilas.
Photo by Mike Hartley

This allowed us to continue with family plans and have a great day. We decided to head out to EC Diner for a bite to eat. I going to have to try one of their shakes the next time I’m there.

One damp weekend. Photo by Mike Hartley

My son reminded me of how we used to get our haircuts together and then go to the Forest Diner for breakfast on Saturdays. He then said he wanted to do that with his son which made me smile. Of course, the Forest Diner is long gone. And our old barbershop Sal’s went out a good while back. So he will choose new spots near his home and I hope he can find the comfortable places we used to enjoy together.

I love their breakfast. And I struggle each time I leave not to pick a desert to go to. Photo by Mike Hartley

The EC Diner is a good go-to for the family. Good food and that old diner-type feel. Always great service and we walk out very full. I dare you to not find something you like to eat on their extensive menu.

My granddaughter was over for the day on Friday. One of her rituals is picking a few flowers and putting them in water. When the power went out I was just starting to fix some lunch. When the stove went out I put things away grabbed the camera saw this and decided to play a bit with this subject matter.

I’ll have to give her prints of these and tell her what a good designer she is. Photos by Mike Hartley
I’m so glad she is into nature so much. Photo by Mike Hartley
She discovered acorns under our oaks this week and went home with a bag full.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • There is what you do each day and what you hope to do. The more you align those two, the happier you will be.
  • I’m hoping that the new management isn’t going to introduce a bunch of new hoops to jump through in my last few months.
  • I really have to clean up this mess in my office today.
  • I wish I loved exercise as much as I love food.
  • There is a lot not to look forward to this week. But I’m going to ignore that and move on.

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