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Looking up

Never forget to look up. Both mentally and physically. So easily said and so often forgotten. It’s pretty simple actually but when depressed, in a funk, or in a neck brace, looking up seems impossible.

It’s so easy to stay down and go deeper instead of changing perspective. Been there, done that. Repeatedly if truth be told. But time has taught me methods to work out of bad spots.

Looking up off the boardwalk in Ocean City MD. Photo by Mike Hartley

Looking up makes things here on Earth seem small. Like looking out over an ocean does on a clear day. But not all of us live near a large expanse of water or have a view from a mountain. Sometimes our world feels like our office cube or home or car.

Our day-to-day problems seem to make our world very small and focused. Looking up for me lets my mind pause if things are in hyperdrive with problems. My breathing relaxes, and I’m forced to gaze upon blue skies or clouds or stars or birds flying by, the wind blowing leaves on the tree or maybe even raindrops falling on my face.

I remember the first time I rode a motorcycle and it was like a different world out on the roads. Everything was in view. No windows or roof or A-pillar blocking your view. I was so relaxed and alive again at the same time.

All I know now is that looking up both mentally and really looking skyward is helpful. Yes, I still get down, we all do. But you have to find balance at least and then tilt it towards a positive and optimistic lifestyle and outlook. Problems will find us all. So it’s our job to keep that side and outlook that allows one foot ahead of the other with a smile and determination.

That is why I like stepping outside often and looking skyward. During a break in the middle of the night from a stressful overnight shift for the stars and fresh air. Or maybe on my deck for a few minutes between mowing the lawn and cleaning gutters on the lounge chair watching the dogwood leaves blow and feeling the calming summer breeze. Sometimes I just gaze skyward from my kitchen window on a cold day trying to find that view that will turn things around.

Find your view and let your mind relax from that pressure.

Sorry, didn’t mean to start out the day all preachy.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The World used to be a very dangerous place. Today it’s just a matter of how long the fuse is.
  • But till the day everything explodes there will be a smile on my face, a helping hand at the end of my arm, a hug for all family, friends, and strangers, and trying to find or create some beauty and love in the world.
  • Looks like a nice day to pull out the cameras.
  • I love building things with youngsters. They get so excited.