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Pick a path

Every once in a while you have to select a path. Well more than every once in a while, more like several times a day. It could be something simple like a different route to work or something complex like thinking about a different place to work altogether.

Which path? Photo by Mike Hartley

Sometimes we have choices in paths. Other times not. Sometimes we stay on the wrong path for too long. Somedays it seems like you can’t find the right path.

Last night was an easy path, time with my best friends, and better halves for dinner/desserts and a lot of laughs around the firepit. Those are called favored paths. Like time with your children or grandchildren.

Today starts more difficult ones and I’m not looking forward to many of them. Because like a lot of paths, some aren’t avoidable and you just have to walk them, like behind a mower. I have 3-4 paths this week that I dread but will push on.

I look forward to the day this year when I find myself on the path below again.

Cast the right shadow. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • My formal season of dress is approaching. Sweat Suit Season.
  • If you’re maintaining a home, if you’re maintaining a family, if you’re maintaining a job, be thankful you’re maintaining your sanity.
  • I’m on a mission to carve at least a few lines or shapes in wood and to upload dozens of new images each day.
  • Well, the rain just changed today’s schedule. Like I said before, be flexible.

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Waves in the sand

I love walking in the sand. Seeing windblown waves or lines drawn from grasses blowing back and forth in the wind or animal prints as they strole by. Or our own footprints. The feel of fine sand and the sound of waves hitting and retreating from the shore help me have a few weeks of peace each year.

Nature leaves its mark in the sand. Photo by Mike Hartley

It’s hard to think about progress with all the chaos in the world and in each of our individual lives. You try to be positive and enjoy life. To share it with special people and do special things. You work hard to improve your loved ones’ lives and help others when possible.

Which is smoother? Photo by Mike Hartley

Progress is being made in an individual and collective way. It may not seem like it at times. And that is what I try to avoid looking at. I just have to keep focused on finding what I can do to improve things. To try to do something for someone or many each day. When the waves take down your ramp, rebuild.

I think were missing a few stairs after last night. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • It’s really difficult to sleep during the day.
  • If you own a convertible tomorrow is a mandatory top-down day.
  • When you feel productive, take advantage of the feeling.
  • I need to do some reading but it’s dangerous when I’m this tired.