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I try to not spend time grieving the loss of our parents, I know they all would like us to be happy and live life to the fullest. But the reminders this month are too numerous to avoid. Painful ones of their loss. Some long ago, some fairly recent.

Everyone has different relationships with their parents. Some are incredibly strong and some not so much. It doesn’t mean the love is any less even though it is in some cases. I had one parent that I never got to know much. And one that did the job of two and more.

Families are such fragile things. So many factors in its success or not. A death tore mine apart. And in some ways, it came together. So much of it we have no control over. The randomness of life and death, the opportunities one has or hasn’t, and the education and lessons taught to us or not.

The decisions families make as to where to live affect things greatly. Then the greatest challenge of all. People change. Some people can handle change, some can’t. I’ve seen families split over this and many other factors.

We are all one big family but something has changed and we no longer are looking out for each other and if so only in the emergency exceptions in too many cases. I’ll just continue to do my part and try to look out for everyone in my travels and neighborhood.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • The day goes better when I see children having fun.
  • Tomorrow is yard battle day.
  • This should be a great weekend with family.
  • The most gratifying day of the workweek. The last one.