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Little and big treasures

It was family day and what a wonderful time. My better half took the mug that her parents had gotten us when we had our first child. Also a girl and filled it with flowers as they had and gave it to our daughter today. I think she was very touched. It was a grand time. We all got to hold the baby and have a relaxed lunch together at her home.

An old gift refreshed and passed on to the next generation.
Photo by Mike Hartley

It made my weekend to spend time with family and friends again. I make every opportunity I can available to the people I love. Sometimes its tough to concentrate on other things after a great weekend like this. I know when it nears its end it certainly doesn’t seem fair.

But work beckons and bills come and you know the routine. A kind of routine I was hoping to adjust as I age but with the way things are going I might just have to work a bit longer than I hoped for. That’s OK though, if it does positive things for those loved ones I’ll do it as long as the body and mind hold out.

For there is no sacrifice to great when the precious things in your life are concerned. I wished more people would look at their families and friends that way. And if you can’t, find someone you can, because it’s a wonderful thing.

Random Thoughts of the Day

So tomorrow is the wearing of the Green. Never really got into St Patrick’s day celebrations. Maybe it was that green beer I had as a youth that ruined it for me.

It felt good to do a little shooting and editing this weekend. Now if I can just keep picking up the camera each day, I’ll have more of a feeling of success.

I just made the executive decision to make this a short work week. Ain’t it great being in charge. Well at least having some vacation time stored up when you aren’t.

I love natural lighting.

Refreshing your surroundings can refresh your attitude.

If they are going to charge me more for gas it shouldn’t also take longer to pump.

I’ve been moving things on my to do list around. Not a healthy thing to do.

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Days that give pause

Today my heart was again paused with holding my grandchild. There are few things more innocent than a child a couple of days old. The essentials mater. Warmth, food and love is all that is needed. That is all there is really.

I’m reading on the carnage that was inflicted by hate this day and again I’m paused. I wonder how we all go on after these events. We go on because life goes on and we aren’t brave enough to step in and do something about it.

As I stepped outside to check the temp again today I was paused by the beauty of the though of putting on shorts for the second day in a row. A short stretch of beautiful weather has emboldened me to return to the great outdoors. Even though it’s on its way out, it gave me the foundation of hope that more will return soon.

The older I get the less inclined I am to fly.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Seems like there have been a lot of tough moments this week. The airline crash, the massacre, cheating, bomb storms and many other tragedies. But our family is trying to do its part by keeping a loving spirit going, focusing on life and love. Yeah its hard when people try to kill you on the road back and forth to spreading that love but we move on.

And even though I will spend my remaining days trying to love and respect, I worry that one day before I go I’ll be walking out the door each day strapped, just for protection. A sad thought to be leaving our next generation with. One that a majority doesn’t want. But then again the radicals on both ends are starting to account for a lot of weight.

I always will remember the feeling of pulling the bike out on the first warm days of the year. Man was that great. I settle for putting the top down on the car now but I will never forget the joys of riding. I’m thankful to be here after 3 decades of 2 wheel fun. For those of you still in the saddle, be careful.

Nice classic on a Friday afternoon.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

OK, I’ve done a proper warm up for next weeks beginning of March Madness. Now if I can just figure a way to sleep from the end of the selection show on Sunday night to the tip-off on Thursday at noon and then stay up for 4 days straight.

You could set a million dollars in front of me and I wouldn’t bend over to pick up a cent if I had my grand-daughter in my arms.

You know some games leave you nobody to cheer for. Example today’s Duke and North Carolina match up. Oh yeah I dislike both greatly, but I would never miss it. And it was again another college basketball classic.

I wonder if that big fire in Boston at a casket company is sending us all a message to go with cremation?

Well another day in the blogging books.

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A warm and coal Thursday

I was rudely woken early today by a friend today. Despite this transgression we decided to meet for lunch and it turned into a long event which was great for the fun side of me but the taskmaster side of me isn’t happy. So I promised to get some things done this evening despite wanting to hit the rack.

Can you smell what I am cooking?
Photo by Mike Hartley

Actually we did get an entertainment center moved from one level to another, which was something that I’ve had on the list for a while just waiting for another set of hands. Really I had a great day overall. Got to put the top down and enjoy some sunshine.

Had some great old bay wings and pizza at Ledo in Normandy. New menu. Went with the old standbys though which were very good.

But as I look at my to do list and realize I haven’t shot a frame I feel like a bit of a failure today. But really it did me and another friend of mine some good.

We met another friend and went tape delay on the Maryland game which killed the good vibe of the day. Yes they laid an egg. But such is life, live to play another day which they have in the real dance.

I’m glad I’m finally comfortable with myself to take a day and relax a bit and not beat myself up over it. And there is time still to knock out a few quick chores. So I’m finding the balance.

It was great to utilize the weather today. Bike riders, runners and people out in their yards. Lots of other convertibles with the tops back also. I’m sure the construction guys working on a few projects near me were loving life today.

I think I’ll challenge myself to really shoot tomorrow despite the sloppy weather prediction. It’s good to practice in all kinds of situations.

I’m cooking again. I got real slack on this over the past few months. I need to give my better half a break. So I’m on a mission to try new things this year and get that grill rolling again. Made some honey garlic boneless pork chops the other night. Going to see what I can whip up tonight.

Sea Food – Eat Food
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

Boy that Maryland loss was hard to watch. Bounce back young’ins. You can do it.

Thankful for the healthy feeling today.

The power to feel like you can change something should always be yours. Even if the only thing you can change is yourself.

I’m about to burst in anticipation of seeing my grandchild again.

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Lets Rock, it’s Hump Day

Despite the grey look outside now, I’m in much better spirits. Feeling better and about to get a period where I can work on some of my interest again. Think I’ll try for an early start on Thursday. Being I’ll be up all night tonight that shouldn’t be too hard to pull off, but the effort might only be a few hours till I crash for a bit.

I think I’ll surprise my better half with her favorite items from Dunkin Doughnuts in the morning. She has been a trooper lately.

I was going to go all Foghorn Leghorn on the Lamar Jackson video of him driving with a few issues, but then I remembered I was young once and liked speed in a car. But I always wore a seat-belt. Even before there were seat-belt laws. Just like I always wore a helmet even before there were helmet laws in Maryland when I road a motorcycle. And as far as I can remember when I was in triple digit speeds I had both hands on the wheel and I was paying attention to what I was doing and not filming. Of course there was no filming back when I was growing up.

Traffic, I’ve had it with it. Well let me correct myself. People behaving badly in traffic. I think I’m more accustomed to deal with the traffic like below.

Excuse me, coming through.
Photo by Mike Hartley

There are a couple of things I haven’t done in a great while that I have put off and put off. Well this might be the weekend to correct a few of them. I’ll let you know as I go.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I could never live in a city.

The river of goodwill is getting low.

Relationships are about adjustments.

There is nothing like working from home if you have the commute from HELL.

Just because I’m having a good time, does it have to go so fast?

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Tuesday – get spinning

March is National Kidney Month. I’m into kidney’s because I’m a kidney cancer survivor. I salute all those with kidney issues and hope you healthy ones take care of that part of the body. Its important.

The Madness has begun with the conference tournaments under way. This is a great time. Pressure and excitement is off the charts. Its game time and its unpredictable as its ever been. And next week I’ll be completing my bracket as usual. I participate in an office pool contest. Its great. I’ve become somewhat of an item in that I always pick Maryland to win it all.

Not as nice as yesterday but sunny so I won’t bash the weather to start with. So lets begin on a positive note. We are alive, I was going to say alive and kicking but not this kid. Today is a continuation of a good bit of discomfort. Trying to overcome it again without the meds. I feel like I’ve injured the back again. Certainly not the first time so I do have some experience with that feeling.

Photo by Mike Hartley

So a few days of work in the books so to speak. A few more ahead and then I can see my new grandchild again this weekend. But I’m going to start by spending a day outside. Thursday looks like the best candidate so far in terms of weather. I’m going to get some exercise – outdoors. I might work on the home by starting to pick up branches outdoors. Might take a ride and put the top down outdoors. I might take a walk outdoors. Get the theme here. I’m sure we all want to get outside when a good opportunity presents itself.

I’m a big believer that this connected generation has lost a little of its incentive to get up and get outside. To make real connections and friends. To experience real events together. Maybe the person standing next to your best friend, and your on your Facebook live and thinking those people might be your best friends.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Even when I’m not feeling that good, all I have to do it is talk to my friends and all of a sudden I’m feeling better. Usually because they are worse off than me.

My feet want to know why we haven’t walked in the sand in some time.

Historical revisionist are interesting people. Sick but interesting.

Driving to DC is about as frustrating as it gets. Brutal road conditions. And the people. Wow is about all I can say without cursing.

The proposed budget proves how this is not the people’s president.

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Monkeying around Monday

Hey come on, wake up, another great start to the week is upon us.  I’m still on cloud 9 about my first grandchild. But reality smacks me in the face with work gearing up. I’ve also gotten lazy with the blog and I’m going to do better this week. Even though I’ve been posting its older photos I’ve shot and my banter has been self focused.

Just been hanging around today.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So its time to pick up the cameras (other than baby pictures). I find the more I shoot the better I feel. I start looking at life with a more open and attentive way. So I’m going to shoot tonight and tomorrow morning early to improve my attitude.

You know when you see the writing on the wall about the future of your profession, its unwise to ignore it if it isn’t the best.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Nice driving into work before the sun sets again.

I can’t listen to lie’s any longer.

Manual transmissions and Kickstart my Heart are a nice combination.

I feel that my will is being tested in getting things done while in pain at the same time.

I’m having grand-daughter withdraw. I’ll cure it soon.

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Special Sunday

Every day is special, but I’m starting to get interested in Sundays again. For instance next week is Selection Sunday. And this Sunday, the first in my grand daughters life. A day of rest for some. A day of worship for some. A recovery day for those hard chargers. There is Super Bowl Sunday. And of course Easter Sunday. It’s the day of the Sun.

There are Sunday Blue laws. And everyone’s favorite “The Sunday Newspaper”. Sorry I had to get a shameless plug in for the industry which I work. The ticking clock on the show 60 Minutes. A Sunday afternoon at the ballpark watching a day game on a sunny humid day in the great state of Maryland.

Or in the months I don’t go outside I’m watching some Sunday night football. You can watch the final round of a golf tournament or maybe a NASCAR race. Maybe a leisurely Sunday walk with your better half. Or those early morning Sunday rides on the back roads with the top down on a Sunny Day. Maybe U2 singing about Bloody Sunday.

And OMG, who can not get into Sunday Dinners. But of course Sundays can also be a day of labor. Like Sunday grass cutting during my warm weather seasons. And then the fun kind of labor like the Sunday car wash. Some go to Sunday school. Some work Sundays. Some sleep or slack off Sundays.

Some mentally prep on Sundays for the week ahead. Some pay respects on Sundays. Some play with their children. Some catch up on bills. Some go boating. Sunday is a day for returning from the trip or vacation. Sunday is also the day some leave to the new destination of the week. Oh, don’t forget the Sunday Buffet at some of the fine dining establishments.

I know I’m overdue on taking my better half to a Sunday movie. And today’s warm weather reminds me Sunday cookouts aren’t far off in the future. So it seems there is a lot to think about on Sundays.

Coasting into a Sunday morning.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

I think I’m about to break down and purchase some photo editing software. I’m trying to resist. Trying to stay pure.

Time for a major purge in my office. I’m starting to feel the chaos it appears in.

Editing baby pictures is fun.

I forgot how tiring children can be.

I can’t believe I used OMG in a post.